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Cleveland Area Pound Pals
Spay and Neuter
Did You Know?
1 female dog and 1 male dog and their offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in six years? That’s right! 1+1=67,000! To be a responsible pet ownership community, EACH PERSON in Cleveland would have to house, care for, and feed over 20 DOGS! No wonder so many end up unwanted.

You can make a difference! Know your options! 

If your annual income is $35,000 or less , you may qualify for Cleveland Area Pound Pal’s “Fix-It” Program. With this option , approved applicants will be directed to a participating vet in the Cleveland Area and receive deeply discounted rates for a spay / neuter surgery. Contact us.

“Spay Oklahoma”
Spay Oklahoma in Tulsa uses a sliding scale to charge participants for spay/ neuter services. 

Companion Animal Assistance Program , CAAP, in Stillwater, also uses a sliding scale, but they run specials too. Their website says to check out their “$10 Big Dog Special.” 

“Local Vets”
Several area vets have very reasonable regular may be pleasantly surprised!