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Cleveland Area Pound Pals is an all volunteer organization, so we rely on the help of well-meaning local citizens for our organization to work properly. We need help in all areas of business, from physical labor to accounting and record keeping. Listed below is a few of the things we need volunteers for. If you want to volunteer in any way that is not listed, let us know...we can use as much help as you are willing to give.

We have broken volunteers into two parts; The first part we call Directors. Directors are responsible for overseeing the operations of their specific area of the organization. Directors will need to attend the monthly Pound Pals meeting. The second group is Members. Members are individuals that do the work required for the area they volunteered to help with, and they report to the Director of their specific area. Members are welcome, but not required, to attend the monthly Pound Pals meeting.

We need Volunteer Members that can help:

Clean the pound 

Walk dogs  


Put up flyers

Transport animals

Answer phone calls

Write letters to donors


We are looking for individuals to be Directors of:

Pound Improvement



Dog/Owner Education





Interested in becoming a volunteer?